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: to make (something) by combining different things

: to combine (things) in order to make something new

Tender winning strategies™

  • Learn about possible strategic challenges facing your segment
  • Be the first mover in your segment to address the challenges
  • Identify your tender winning strategy based on proven successful cases

Data-driven sales process

  • Engage with the stakeholders based on data
  • Open new accounts/business areas
  • Benefit from the data generated in the sales process

Premium price justification

  • Identify the added value of your product
  • Generate data from your product-in-use
  • Justify the price of your product based on data

About Synthesize

Synthesize offer consultancy services in regards to Tender winning strategies™, Data-driven sales processes, and Premium price justification.


Synthesize extract the essential parts of large quantities of data, find data combinations to give new insights, so fact based decisions can be made and future results improved.


Christian Waarst has experience with full P&L management, Sales & Marketing, and Sales force management in tender driven markets internationally (10 countries in North- and East Europe) and hold experience from some of the largest European- and US-based pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

Among others, Bayer, Sanofi, Synthes (J&J) and Medtronic.


Educational background:

MBA (CA, USA) in Law & Economics (DK)

Programming & database courses at IT University (DK)

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