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: to make (something) by combining different things

: to combine (things) in order to make something new

Your upcoming challenges

  • Uncover upcoming challenges in your segment
  • Know the consequenses of the tender design
  • Quantify the impact on your business

Your tender strategy

  • From tender management to tender strategy
  • Adress the strategic challenges ahead
  • Your Tender winning strategy

Premium price justification

  • Identify the added value of your product
  • Generate data from your product-in-use
  • Justify the price of your product based on data

About Synthesize

Synthesize was founded by Christian Waarst and offer services in regards to Tender winning strategies™, Consultancy services, and Premium price justification.


Christian Waarst has experience with full P&L management, Sales & Marketing, and Sales force management in tender driven markets internationally (10 countries in North- and East Europe) and hold experience from some of the largest European- and US-based pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

Among others, Bayer, Sanofi, Synthes (J&J) and Medtronic.


Educational background:

MBA (CA, USA) in Law & Economics (DK)

Programming & database courses at IT University (DK)

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